Joe Pesci glasses


After filming “The Irishman” in 2018, I received numerous compliments on the sunglasses that I wore during production. The style, fit and overall appearance seemed to appeal to a wide group of fans. I liked those sunglasses, but felt that they needed a little something more.

In 2019, I set about working on a new design of limited edition sunglasses based on that original concept. I wanted my sunglasses to be stylish but also practical. In other words, they had to be comfortable, look great, and could be worn on any occasion; formal or casual. I believe that I have succeeded in that respect.

I hope that you will enjoy wearing your new sunglasses as much as I do.


Joe Pesci



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Joe’s Cinema style is a square design: Lens width: 53 mm Bridge: 10 mm. Arm: 140 mm. 

Joe’s Primo glasses are a round design: lens width: 53mm Bridge: 9mm Arm: 140mm. Learn more

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